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This project aims to develop a blockchain-based profit-sharing platform which allows pron stars to share the profit of our live streaming platform and adult video viewing platform in real time

VR Glasses

AV Actress


Live Streaming

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AV Production


Our Project

Project is

Project considers as 4 area for the ICO. After ICO period, the fund rasied will be used for following development.

AV Actresses

AV Actresses is main key party for the whole project. We are continuely to find a new and good Japanese to join our team of production.

VR Glasses

VR glasses and related tecnhonology products would be developed to follow the market trend with innovation to avoid decline stage pf products life cycle of whole platform.

Adult Website

Adult Website with adult video is one of our commercial aspects. Pornography is the natural demands from the market, this project will strive for accomplishing as much as possible towards the largest porn sites in the world.

Live Steaming

Many KOL gain the profit from Live steaming platform which is more popularized in internet. And it is a better ecosystem of the coin used through the platform.


A special exchange will also be created for different parties to trade the token, ANNAcoin, with different cryptocurrencies for profit or spending inside the ecosystem. As the ecosystem grows, the price and profitability of ANNAcoin and the platforms will be increased substantially.

Profit sharing

Profit generated by these platforms are shared to different parties via a blockchain based profit sharing platform. It is a decentralized autonomous system for users to pay for services or products or reward. When videos are selling, all received profit will be distributed directly to the crew, especially actresses, via unchangeable smart contract. Performers and key opinion leader (hereinafter referred to as “KOL”) can be rewarded in token in real time.

Token Distribution

Our Events

ICO Start

Annacoin will be started on September 1, 2018. You are welcomed to buy Annacoin by using ETH and Bitcoin.


ICO Period Start

  • 1 September 2018

Tech in Asia Conference

It's the best tech conference in Asia. You are welcomed to join the conference. We'll have tech luminaries and top experts sharing about the new technology of VR glass and block chain.


Annacoin - Tech in Asia Conference

  • 20-21 September 2018
  • Toyko - Shibuya Hikarie

ICO Start

How to flight the battle of the blockchain - Annacoin. You are welcome to join the conference. We'll share the Annacoin - blockchain technology with AV production.


Thailand Conference - Asia Blockchian Week 2018

  • 13-14 December 2018
  • Thailand - Bangkok


Our Team